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Archery Score Free app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 9830 ratings )
Developer: Yakoob Ali
Current version: 2.51, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 22 Jan 2010
App size: 1.06 Mb

************** Version 2.0 **********
New Target Faces Added

-FITA Field

iAd added - still trying to keep this FREE for everyone!

Thanks for using.

***Note: Apologies but you may need to remove the old version before installing ***


Version 1.2 changes:

- Added the ability for Compound or Recurve shoot types. For compound the inner gold ring will be scored as 10 only. For recurve the inner will be scored as X.
- x2 Target Zoom for more accurate arrow placement.
- View ALL arrow positions when a shoot is complete.
- You can now store up to 20 shoots.


Version 1.1 includes:
- Email your finished score card
- Record scores for up to 10 shoots
- Increased maximum number of ends

The premier FREE target archery scoring app!

With this Archery Score you can keep an eye on your score during your shoot.....arrow by arrow.
All scores are recorded on a standard FITA style face target.

With this app you can now:

- Record all your shoot information in one place and track your performance with the summarised shoot data on the shoot list.

- Create custom shoots with varying number of ends, arrows, distance and face size.

- Score and position each arrow during your shoot, and monitor your score while you are shooting.

- Review any end and arrow including position of arrows during your shoot, with fully editable arrows during the shoot.

- Keep a track of your arrow scores while you are shooting with the colour coded scorecard.

- Easily highlight individual arrows to review shoot performance.

- Keep a history of shoots, with the ability to view and review graphically all ends and arrows shot.

- With Archery Score Free keep a history of up to 6 shoots.

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Pros and cons of Archery Score Free app for iPhone and iPad

Archery Score Free app good for

Just what I was looking for - a semi automated score card. Keeping track of individual shots is a bonus.
Excellent for scoring. The ability to see all your arrow hits at the end of the tourny is great for coaching, I just wish this option was available at any point, rather than just after you finish scoring. Thanks for creating this awesome app!
It does the job. I can keep track of my progress and I can easily set it up. I dont know what people who rated it a 1 were expecting, because it works really well for me.
This has been a great app. My son shoots competitively. We are able to track his progress effortlessly.

Some bad moments

this new version simply doesnt work !!! I cant even open it, while I was very happy about the former version !!! Downgrade or upgrade, but please do something !!!
peccato perchè è molto flessibile. manca una modalità veloce di inserimento punti shame because it is very flexible. lacks a fast mode to enter points
I think it was ok well no it was horrible it was so so so easy!!! It wasnt even fun!
How cool is it to be able to track and record each end. Now I can go back days later manage my groupings. It also gives me something to do while walking to the target.
This application is very easy to use and does a great job of keeping your archery score. The two reviews below that gave this app a low score apparently were under the impression that this is an archery "game". It is not. It is a utility for keeping score of your real life shooting. It does this very well, and is very intuitive to use. One suggestion I have for a future update would be to add the option of using the NFAA blue and white target face. A lot of guys at my archery range use this target. Regardless, I can see this app becoming very popular at my archery range, especially with the younger crowd. No math required!
Great app, only one complaint. It does not have support for the 5 point blue face targets (which is what my range commonly has) or the 5 spot targets. Ill grant that those targets arent that common for scoring, but they are good practice targets and thats when Im using this app the most.

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